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International careers

Managing an international business without living an international lifestyle – for Luc Francille something unthinkable. The former General Manager of HELM France recently moved to Germany: “I was asked to take over the position as Executive Manager Commercial Operations in the Pharma Business Line and took the chance”, he says. “Most of my career I spent in France, but I have always worked in a cosmopolitan setting. In my professional function, I have always been travelling around the globe – so the relocation was not a huge step for me but a great step forward.”

Luc appreciates the inspiring moments when different cultures meet. “It is a learning process”, he explains. “There are different ways of thinking, carrying on a plan or making decisions for example. At the same time, there are no cultural determinations because we are all individuals and you find various interfaces. Working in an international environment is challenging, but you enrich your view of the world and you get to know people better.”

For him it is rewarding to be mobile – and essential to fulfill his job. As Executive Manager at HELM AG, he is responsible for the Procurement and Sales Departments. Keeping close contact to all stakeholders in the supply chain is a vital part of his everyday working life. From China to Canada and from Iceland to Italy: Luc is always on the move. And sometimes his path is leading him back to France, where he can reconnect with his roots.