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Young talents welcome

Aurélien Namik, 25, came to HELM France in 2013 as a Quality Assurance trainee. After working on the renewal of the French subsidiary’s ISO 9001 certification, he was offered a permanent post as the company’s Safety and Environment Quality Manager.

Aurélien is an engineer who specializes in Quality and Regulations and a graduate of the E.B.I. (École de Biologie industrielle), which is renowned for training bio-industry engineers, primarily in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food science sectors.

An end of studies project in Quality Management attracted him as an opportunity to consolidate his training through professional experience. He opted for an internship at HELM France mainly because of the variety of sectors covered, which were geared to chemicals in addition to nutrition, generic medicines and even hazardous substances transport.

At the time, HELM France, which is an organization on a human scale, did not have a Quality department and this enabled him to seize responsibilities in no time and guide the ISO 9001 certification renewal project. He successfully conducted this mission and expanded his cross-functional skills by working closely with the different departments.

His appointment as Safety Environment Quality Manager was confirmed in 2013, and his career has since rolled out in an international environment where he can draw on his experience by taking part in quality audits on the Group’s other subsidiaries. At the same time he carries out his local duties that require his personal input.

“I never imagined that I would take on responsibilities at this level so quickly. HELM puts its trust in young talents and does everything in its power to help them progress.”