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The HELM building

HELM AG is headquartered in the Hammerbrook district, right in the heart of Hamburg.

The building located at Nordkanalstrasse 28 was designed by the architects Hans Jochem and Peter Hauske and completed in 1972.

The property developer at the time, Carl Emil Wessel, was a major aficionado of the fifth continent, and so the building was given the name “Australia-Haus”.

From tenancy to ownership

In 1972, the HELM AG moved into four floors of the “Australia-Haus” simultaneously acquired a co-ownership stake in the building.

The Company’s growth over time called for an increasing number of additional areas to be let, until finally all office space available in the building had been rented by the HELM AG.

The Executive Board had adopted a resolution to purchase the building from the original proprietor as early as 1989.

HELM AG also continued to expand in subsequent years, requiring the company to take a long-term lease on three floors in the neighbouring “Hanse-Haus” in 2008.

Modernisation and bridge-building

From 2011 to 2017 the meanwhile 40-year-old building was completely refurbished.

The dated technical facilities in the building and its façade were modernised in line with the very latest energy-saving regulations.

The company “Störmer Murphy and partners”, a Hamburg architects’ office of note, was commissioned to carry out the work.

On completion in 2015, in this way an attractive work environment was created for the Company’s workforce of roughly 660 employees at this location on top of the existing, solid foundations.

One of the highlights of the refurbishment work was the construction of a bridge finalised in 2013 between the HELM building and the “Hanse-Haus” across Nordkanalstrasse.